2019 Musical Bliss

What We Do

Musical Bliss was founded by frustration - a frustration that dramatically holds back system performance.


Musical Bliss products are created from experts of high end audio and (technologies from) areas of aero space, medical, military and defence, sonar and radar to name a few - all technologies have been carefully tested and synergistically matched together, creating extremely powerful sound quality fundamentals. 


We tackle the (eletrical and mechanical) noise pollution within the mains supply, analogue / digital signal paths and around the equipment itself.  (Pollutions we deal with are from Vibration / microhony, Electromagnetic Interference, (Magnetic fields)  Radio Frequency Interferece, static charge, electrical noise, magnetic lag, grounding,

We solve this shit - while keeping the signal pure and as organic sounding as possible / OR / while keeping the signal as pure and naturally. /

 Anti-antenna effect 

A no compromise approach

Clean signals with the most musical and engaging performance possible. 

Also control resonance, cables cut to tunned lengths 

The Musical Bliss treatment will create a rock solid foundation for your system. The best way you can experience how musical, coherent and magical your music collection can sound is to experience these solutions in your own system.